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August 28, 2013
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To Hell and Back by RedApropos To Hell and Back by RedApropos
EDIT: I didn't realize she got the cut from the scroll. I always thought she got it on her epic adventure. XD
Anyway, that's fixed now. My bad.

EDIT 2: Stop calling her "Twilicorn." It sounds silly. No, it just sounds stupid. Seriously, who came up with that? Were they expecting to be taken seriously? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, you people take everything seriously. XD
Everyone who says it is officially stupid. Starting now.

Edit 3: If you're mad at me for this, I have news for you. You aren't mad at me. You're mad at yourself. This comic is directed at people who say bad things about our new princess, and if you find yourself offended, you have successfully singled yourself out as one of the "butthurt bastards" I specifically addressed. Congrats. You're an idiot.

Everyone else, you are not an idiot. It's okay to not like Twilight's transformation. Absolutely! But it's not okay to be a jerk. Leave that to me. All YOU have to do is sit back and watch the drama. XD


All over the internet, I've read the nasty things people say about Twilight. Those poor butthurt bastards aren't happy with Twilight being an alicorn princess. Well, that's too goddamn bad.

Anyways, on several occasions, I've seen people tell our little Twi that she can "go to hell." Well... she can, and she has! I've seen enough people say it ti give me this little idea.

I know it's called "Tartarus" in the show, but it's basically the same thing. I also know she only returned the Cerberus to the Gates, but that counts!
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Well the fact that you basically copy-pasted Twilight in the same place and position in each panel reveals that you didn't put much forethought into the strip. The ponies are supposed to be animated, capable of portraying a spectrum of different poses and emotions. Additionally, the panel formatting and lack of background for each panel is disappointing in that you failed to convey the dynamism of living in the Ponies' world. Definitely lay out some sort of blueprints or a plan and do multiple revisions before you go with a final drawing next time.

I gave low marks for originality because the ever-defensive "Haters gonna hate" attitude is so overdone (especially among the MLP fandom and regarding this specific topic). I gave you a few extra marks because you at least referenced something from the series, which I guess I can appreciate.

I gave you at least more than zero stars because at least you know how to use MS Paint? And gradient fill...? Oh, and I guess you know how to use the copy-paste functions, because every panel is literally the same thing. You need to move beyond these if you want to improve. Use a more dynamic spectrum of inking and shading next time-- yes, even comic strips can use a just a little of that. Focus on featuring one of the great backgrounds from the show. Portray the character in a broader range of poses, emotions, and intensities. Tweak the style just a bit. Make it YOURS.

Again, everything falls flat because everything is so static. The same format panels are used, the same image of Twilight is used (with no background, ahhh!). Even the wall of text seems to be in the same place for each panel. The dialogue is pretty average, but I feel the final panel is anticlimactic-- there is no punchline that jumps out at me.

You might think I have been harsh, but that's because I feel like you're at the fulcrum of your artistic experience between stagnation (getting used to being mediocre) and a true breakthrough (developing something truly original and exciting through trial and error), and that you could really use that extra push towards the latter. My biggest piece of advice is to make multiple drafts and edits of the same comic strip before you finalize it. Increase the gestation period of your work, and I think you'll be quite amazed at what you can be capable of. :)
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I felt that my last critique wasn't too well thought out, so I decided that I should redo it, without the irrelevant gripes. I'm not the biggest fan of this kind of humor, but this comic is still pretty creative. the artwork, again, is great, and the dialogue of the comic is well thought out. It seems sort of unnatural coming from someone like Twilight, but that just adds to the uniqueness of this piece. All in all, even though I'm not the biggest fan of this kind of humor, I still say that this is a comic that definitely gets the point across, and is worth looking at.
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I've been slapped by my dad..... your move *smirks*
Havocktheslayer12 Mar 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
hey you stole my third line
I agree with this comic!
And I don't even need a dollar to agree with this comic!
Hoofs for that!
:iconbuythatfordollarplez:Brohoof :iconbuythatforadollarplz:

Oh don't worry, I go to hell all the time too. I had to glitch my way out, but I'm sure nopony minds considering Pinkie does that all the time to get to places. 
So-simply-strange Feb 22, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Why do people not like Twilight's transformation? I thought it was cool! <3 I found it t be a little expected that she would become the new princess of Equestria at some point, (Luna and Celestia can't live and rule forever, right?) but for that the transformation does make a lot of sense to me, and I don't think it's bad or anything, so I don't get the point why everybody hates it so much.
RedLotusPony Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
My move. Fine. Give me a moment.
Well, I can't say she becoming an alicorn is what has made the show bad... The last 2 episodes where somewhat good, but not even close to any in season 2. At least the "Apple Pie" was good :D
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