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May 30, 2013
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The Lulamoon Decree by RedApropos The Lulamoon Decree by RedApropos
Some Trixie trolling from our new Twilightlicious princess...


Made it to EQD, baby!

...Well, it's in the queue, anyway... :3
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It is an enjoyable strip. I like the capturing of the characters. It was a fun read and a fun way of showing the fan ideas of the ponies involved.

The problems come in the amount of dead space in each panel. The same color background for most of them make it hard on the eyes to get any flow from panel to panel. And the sudden shift from vertical blocks to horizontal flow is the only break between them to show any form of sequential art in the comic.

The use of standard word balloons to show the conversation and emotion was well played as is the drop to show the sudden realization. Yet with out any change between the final four you could have just kept the same format and used an ellipsis to pass time.

Summery: Good comic, lots of dead space in the panels. 3/5. Not bad building blocks there. Room for improvement.
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Ok, I loved this. Besides the obvious things about liking the humor, I really liked your outlines, sort of a bold and retro- ish comic style. I thought you did a nice balance between giving Trixie a cute look and giving her lots of readable expressions... am I mistaken, or does Twilight have her "Twilightlicious" face on lol? I disagree with the other poster, I think the spaces in between each panel helped to improve the overall aesthetics of the comic, in that I thought it was easier to differentiate between the different scenes in a very stylish way. As for critique, I thought the background was made up of pretty bland coloration, and I was actually kind of distracted in a paradoxical way thinking, "hey, where is Trixie exactly?" I mean, you don't need to put a detailed background, but maybe u could've used either 1) different colors or 2) a more consistent change of coloration between adjacent scenes, I really think it would've tightened up the visual aspect a bit. Lastly, I really love all your fonts- beautiful, and not so "computer generated" in appearance (another thing I really enjoyed was how hand drawn your comic appears as opposed to all the blatant vectoring I've seen, and yet, very clean lines nonetheless!) All in all, one of the better comics I've seen recently posted on EqD in terms of content and style! ;D
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STARGAZECLIPSE Mar 15, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
0SashaTheFox0 Mar 4, 2014  Student General Artist
Twilight finds the funniest ways to exact revenge on her enemies....
pokemonlegend999 Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
ealy she is most powerful since twilight is an alicorn.
Did by one else freak out that Applebloom sang her 'licious' song in in Pinkie Apple?
I think BlackGryph0n did...and so did I...and my know what, screw it. Everyone did.
kingbowser26 Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
hahahahaha nice
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