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January 15
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I'm Sorry, Luna by RedApropos I'm Sorry, Luna by RedApropos
Remember this from forever ago? I never actually finished it.
 (WIP) I'm Sorry, Luna by RedApropos

Well, :iconxhazxmatx: finished it for me. This is his submission here… but he gave me permission to post it in my gallery after he did. :D

"I just hope that I did it justice" he says.

Is that a joke?
IT'S MARVELOUS! Beautiful!! I could never have done such a fantastic job!!

Critiques are encouraged, but bear in mind most of the critique goes to xHaZxMaTx
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well, i have become so heartwrenched by this after looking for 4 seconds that i can feel myself fighting back tears, the impact rating on this is realisticy a 7/5 nothing has hie in the heart this bad since my little dashie which made me cry, the only problem i have with this is because i have seen a few nightmare moon stuck up on the moon images, but this comic has made me feel a range of emotions and pushed luna up as my favourite character by far above the rest. In short this is one of the best hert wrenching momnts i have ever seen well done you have successfully made me tear up. I LOVE IT!
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This honestly one of my favorite Luna (Should I say Nightmare Moon?) to the moon. The vision in my opinion is superb out of all the Luna Moon comics I've seen only a handful show Luna crying (There's probably a lot more out there but I haven't seen them). It's fairly original in the since that she's crying but the to the moon bit has been done. You have demonstrated superb technique in the way you've drawn all your other pictures, keeping your style similar to the show yet slightly different. This piece was impactful for me just to see Nightmare Moon crying not Luna which is how you usually see this, also this piece just wrenches at your heartstrings (like dissimilar from Dimebag Darrell's squealing harmonic whammy's) at the thought that a character seen as evil, and often viewed in my social groups as separate from Luna, has immediate sincere remorse for her actions. Overall great work Red, keep it up.
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In space, no one can hear your feel.
Also, I can't be the only one who was reminded of this. (Avatar finale spoilers)
ya brought it on yourself, GF
*whispers* this is amazing....but Luna wasn't put on the moon. She was put IN the moon.
RedApropos Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
How do you know this?
I'm aware that Lauren isn't really the canon source now, but the backstory was by her. In this comment, she uses the phrase "in the moon," not "on the moon." I don't really mean any insult to you at all! The picture is gorgeous and heartbreaking, and a really touching work! I love it, the art is flawless, and the idea is beautiful! I just want to clarify what happened to Luna.…
this is like the ending of "Terminator 2" sad
In space nopony can hear you apologize. 
You make me wonder how much Luna is within NMM.
Also now has a continuation:…
i have to say this really stands out from from the nmm & luna to the moon artworks
GalacticArtz Feb 2, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Dem feels...
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