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April 4, 2013
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I Will Protect my Subjects from You by RedApropos I Will Protect my Subjects from You by RedApropos
I don't see enough art showing sympathy for Celestia.
Be it heartbreak and betrayal, love-consuming political terrorists, chaos incarnate, or whatever Sombra is, Princess Celestia deals with a LOT of shit, and has to handle a LOT of baddies.

"Dear Princess Celestia...

You've handled things like a boss since time immemorial. Don't you EVER stop kicking ass.

Your faithful self-inser-- I mean subject, Red Apropos."


Featured on EQD! [link]

Fourth time I've been featured so far. Pretty proud. :D
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The panel spacing and distribution works well, making each challenge the same despite the immense level of detail required for each one. the colors, the singular words that sum up the best of what's worst do a great job of making the point clear and not overdoing both art and script. The characters are well rendered, and Celstia shifting right and left from each encounter is a subtle nod to the dangers surrounding Equestria. The only thing I marked down was originality because none of these were created by the artist. But to me it's a great display of Celestia taking on her rogues gallery and the artist makes a point about ruling and caring intertwined.
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Once again. A good comic strip regardless of whether or not someone is a fan of MLP or not. But instead of just blabbing on in one massive a55 paragraph I'll cut it up into pieces... with a flaming sword nicknamed the Gehenna.

Vision- I must say this has a lot of work put into it. Not by just the artwork but mostly by displaying different emotions. You clearly had a good idea what you wanted to do.
Good ol 5 stars for you again.

Originality- I'm sure somewhere along the lines somebody has taken a character and placed them in something similar to this before but until I see such a thing I'll say you deserve originality credit.
5 stars... for now.

Technique- Separating each foe into a different box was not only clean but simply smart.
5 stars... oh you're close to getting full five stars... how rare of me

Impact- You really did well on this when it came to emotions. In each box you showed different reactions of Celestia against her kingdoms greatest threats.
Sombra- Showed that even the mightiest could fall to corruption
Discord- Showed she was somewhat overwhelmed by the crazed ruler of chaos
Chrysalis- Showed she was pretty damn angry over how easily she fell to her tricks and plots.
Nightmare Moon- Showed her sorrow for she knew exactly who her enemy was and how she became to be.
The Impact placed here was well done to show us her emotions to her adversaries.
Wait what? ... NOO. I don't believe I'm actually saying this... you got a 5 AGAIN... for the fourth time! WHAT THE **** REX?!

*please stand by*

So in summary you got a full five star review by me which is extraordinarily rare of me... Enough has been said.
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so sad ;-; whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy D:
hmmm, wrong face for chrysalis. it would not be her smiling, it would be her about to sol herself cause she did not realize she has a powr boost.. oddly enough if she did know she would ahve probably lost actually.
Was Discord even bad?
PrincessPeach20 Feb 25, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
I feel bad for Princess Celestia. Literally she gone through fighting a corrupted unicorn (King Sombra/Sombrero) that might've been her student, a god of chaos and disharmony (Discord), a shapeshifter/master of disguise (Queen Chrysallis sorry if I misspell that), and a corrupted version of her own sister. That must have been really hard on her, especially sending her sister to the moon for about a thousand years. It could've taken a huge toll on her, so that might be the reason why she founded the Magic School for Unicorns (Sorry if I get the name wrong).
TL;DR version: Princess Celestia gone through a whole lot of stuff over the course of her lifetime.
Wow... I just realized that Celestia is so fucking amazing!! 
Seriously, that blows my mind. o_O
Nice art.
KANAdrawsARTS Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't like Celestia, Luna and all villains are the best.
TVnGames Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
RedApropos Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I've learned so much from this comment!
You don't like Celestia. Congratulations!! :D
kingbowser26 Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I love Celestia
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